Thinking it makes it so

Really read the quote. ✨

It comes from a guy- maybe you’ve heard of him- Mr. William Shakespeare.

Mister Shakespeare and I have the same philosophy on life. ✨

Everything is neutral. ✨

We create the meaning with our minds. ✨

The circumstance is actually neutral. ✨

The breakup. The injury. The lost job. The debt. The pain. Whatever pain it is. ✨

It’s neutral. ✨

We don’t realize this at first because there are socially accepted “good” and “bad” things that happen. ✨

It’s just a socially accepted way of thinking. It’s not actually true. ✨

What’s true, is what you choose to think. ✨

What you think is truth. ✨

And you get a choice on what you allow in your head.✨

You can choose to see the socially deemed “bad” things as a gift. ✨

How would your life shift if you began to see EVERYTHING that happened as a gift? What you be doing different? ✨

There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so. 💕

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