Networking and Partnerships

I had the honor to speak on a panel at Global Entrepreneurship Week KC.

What did we talk about? ✨

How to Leverage Partnerships & Networking to 10X Your Business Growth. ✨

When you first read that title what do you think we talked about???✨

Strategies to get ahead??? Leveraging someone else?? What am *I* going to gain here from this partnership?? What am *I* going to gain from networking??? ✨

Nope. That’s not at all what we talked about. ✨

When I was asked “why do you think people fail at networking and partnerships?” I answered in the following way…..✨

“I think people struggle because they make it about themselves, when it never actually is.”✨

People want the glamour and success of business but here’s the truth about what businesses actually are. Businesses exist to fill a NEED or provide a desired SERVICE. ✨

Therefore, if your approach is “who can I serve today??” Your success is inevitable, no matter how long it takes to sort out the details. ✨

Service to others ALWAYS comes back to you. ALWAYS. (Often times in ways that you weren’t expecting and that are beyond your imagination). ✨

So, my advice, leverage partnerships by SERVING your people first, without attachment to the outcome- not because you’re expecting something in return. You won’t be disappointed I promise. 💕

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