What's up soul peeps,

I’m about as real as it gets.
I did the thing. I left a highly respected nursing career after a hardcore burnout and launched myself fully and unapologetically into this crazy cool world of entrepreneurship.
Not just once, many times over again.
I now consider myself a serial entrepreneur with many passions- real estate investor, speaker, writer, business & lifestyle design coach.
Don’t ever put me in a box.
My soul’s mission on this planet is to help you see CHOICE in your life, to help you realize what you’re passionate about, and to help you intentionally choose to create that reality for yourself, while releasing any limiting beliefs about why it’s not possible for you.
I’m a lover of tacos, NLP, my boy, paperback books, slot canyons, and Symon the cat. If you don’t know what any of that stuff is, no worries, stay tuned.
For now, just remember this:
We all have the power to consciously design our lives. Happiness is a mindset & a choice, and we are all inherently worthy of it.
All my love,