If you want change in 2020 and beyond, it is essential to stop living your life from the perspective of circumstance. 🌞

Focusing on your circumstance causes you to stay stuck where you are (even if it’s a decent place). 🌞

Example: 5 years ago I had $32 in my bank account(s) and $23K of debt. My circumstance was that my finances were no beuno. 🌞

BROKE af was my circumstance. 🌞

If I chose to focus on that, I would have continued telling myself stories like “making money is hard, debt takes forever to pay off, I suck at managing money, being insanely wealthy is for ‘other’ people not me, etc” 🌞

Instead, someone challenged me to think in terms of possibility. 🌞

I distinctly remember the question “what if you could pay it off in ONE year?” 🌞

Believe me, tons of people told me I couldn’t. 🌞

But I chose instead to live that year in possibility, because the FEELING was so much more empowering than believing the status quo. 🌞

And you know what’s cool about possibility?….. as you move along, it turns into CERTAINTY. You start proving to yourself that it’s possible. You start realizing that OF COURSE this is happening. 🌞

This is happening and it’s actually gained so much momentum that it’s going to be bigger than you ever could have imagined. 🌞

But it starts with the CHOICE to place your focus and attention on possibility rather than circumstance.