The fact that you can imagine your best life means that it is already available to you. Say what?!?! Yep, it is. So, why is it that you’re not 20 pounds lighter, rolling in the dough, or spending your life with your soulmate?

The truth, you’re blocking yourself.

Yep, you heard me. This post is not meant to win me friends, rather to bring your attention to just how much your destiny is actually in your own hands.

Actually, it’s not in your hands, it’s in your mind.

The reason you do not have the success you want yet, is because you have not mastered your mindset. Most of us are living true to the power of our subconscious mind, which exists for the sole purpose of keeping us alive & safe. It doesn’t really give a shit about you realizing your full potential, all it wants to do is make sure you keep breathing.

What that means in terms of your day to day life, is that you’re usually unwilling to push the boundary of your comfort zone because it’s *ahem* uncomfortable. It’s uncomfortable for a reason….

Our subconscious minds convince us that it’s unsafe or dangerous to do the things we actually need to do in order to get the result we want. And it’s a sly guy. Usually the excuses we come up with are logical and valid and make perfect sense to our cerebral cortex.

So, we stay right where we are- stuck, overweight, broke, dating shitty people, frustrated, etc.

So how do we break this cycle?

First and foremost, it will do you no good to be at war with your subconscious mind (others have lovingly called it your critter brain, your little prince, or your BS committee). It doesn’t work to be at war, you will never defeat it or make it go away, it is simply part of being human.

When you accept this fact you can take it for what it is and move on. You can begin to work with your subconscious and actually take back control of your mind.

You see, most of us live on autopilot. We think that the fears we have are real and true, so we succumb to mediocre lives and are content to stay right where we are.

Thing is, you actually have control over what you believe. You can CHOOSE to have control over your mind. The thoughts running through your head CAN be UPGRADED to be more supportive of your goals.

The first step is realizing when your subconscious mind is in action.

Step two is to laugh a little, say “thank you, but I’ve got it from here” and take control of your life.

Your fears can come along for the ride, but they sure as hell don’t get to drive anymore.

Making that decision is how you break the cycle. It’s how you unblock yourself. It’s how you help yourself to take back your power and realize your full potential in life. Xo -Leah

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