What does it mean to create a life in full alignment with your sacred values?

The answer to this question is foundational to the work that I do with my clients. We have to be able to answer the questions “what do you want?” and “what do you actually value?” before we can do work around business building or lifestyle design.

The funny thing is, this is often the hardest part. We live in a society where desire is seen as a “bad” thing, therefore, we often feel like we’re wrong or greedy for wanting a successful business, that we’re not worthy, or that it’s not available to us. This simply isn’t true.

When we get crystal clear on what we want, what makes us happy, what makes us feel most alive, when we say yes to our desires, we are actually fulfilling our soul’s purpose.

What is the message that’s on your soul anyway? What is the message the world needs to hear from you? Can you answer that question and stand fully and unapologetically in the light of that answer?

Because when you can master the art of walking in the light of your soul’s authentic truth, your business and your life will explode.

No worries, this is precisely what I’m here to help you master.

When I found Leah I had no idea how to start my coaching business. She helped me start from the ground up; and showed me how to have confidence to move forward …I landed three clients almost right away (just coaching a couple of days a week) plus book 4 workshops, plus…someone hired me at my hourly rate to host a workshop as well! After hiring Leah I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders; finally someone to brainstorm with and help me see the big picture on how to make myself a success!

Cindy Holt Smith

Certified Health Coach & Hairstylist

Leah is a dynamite coach! She is always pushing me to think passed where I have before while creating space for me to consider new possibilities. Her energy is contagious and her badassery oozes from her coaching. I really enjoy working with Leah and would recommend her to anyone looking to grow in their life and/or business!

Whitney Miller

Certified Health Coach & RRCA certified Running Coach

Leah is such a blessing when I needed it most. She recognizes my true potential and helps me lay out a map to get me to success, no matter what my excuses are! Plus she’s so real and down to earth that it’s like talking with a friend during our sessions. I’m so grateful for you, Leah!

Jenna Haack

Certified Health Coach, natural weight loss expert, self-love & body positivity advocate

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